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Ambassador: Artist

We love to highlight and feature LGBTQ+ Artists.

We've come up with the perfect combination to highlight your artwork & raise funds for Young: Equal

We are excited to partner with our friends at Bonfire for our exciting new Ambassador: Artist Program!

We want to put your art work on our fundraising apparel!

All funds raised from the sales of the apparel will go directly to Young: Equal,

these donated funds will help us continue our work of creating workshops and events

all over America that are inclusive of LGBTQ+ community members.

Our Mission

Become an Ambassador: Artist

Click the link below to learn more about the program and to connect with

Young: Equal to help impact the LGBTQ+ community through your art! 

"Our students come and meet others just like them, and at that moment, they realize; they are not alone. There are so many people like them."

Together, we are creating workshops and events where LGBTQ+ youth and young adults can come and meet other people just like them. Because, once they have those peer connections, they are able to pick up the phone and say “Hey, I had a really shitty day, but I’m glad that I know you

and I'm glad that I can call you to talk about it. I’m glad we can be there for each other.”​

We Need Your Support Today!

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